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arrow Water storage: Drought this summer has highlighted the need to further boost the nation’s water storage capacity so the impact of future droughts can be lessened. A number of schemes are in the planning or development stages but more are needed.

Will these gain sufficient financial and political backing to see the light of day? Will concerns about the environmental impact of large irrigation schemes handicap the development of future irrigation schemes and what will the Government do to avoid this happening?

arrow Water quality: The Government is putting the hard word on regional councils to back off on introducing water management and nutrient management regimes which it thinks will hurt the interests of the farming sector.

Regional councils for their part are trying to implement water management plans they say will protect the interests of all sectors in the community. Who will win the battle?

arrow Climate Change: The devastating drought is bringing into sharp focus the possible future shape of New Zealand’s climate – the likelihood of more extreme weather events such as droughts.

Farmers, especially those on dry land and hill country properties in particular, will have to change their farming practices to better retain the rain they receive and plant more trees. How quickly will change come?

arrow Reshaping the dairy industry: The industry’s cavalier attitude to food safety looks set to bring down a torrent of new regulation and perhaps even a re-shaping of the basically “single desk” sales model it employs. Fonterra is under the gun, change will happen.

Fonterra has altered its capital structure and done much to improve the way the industry operates, but there is now a feeling it is getting too big and recent events have shown placing so much of the nation’s future in the hands of one enterprise is a risk.

arrow Meat Industry future: With lamb prices in the doldrums pressure remains on the meat industry as a whole to rationalise its processing capacity and better co-ordinate its marketing efforts to boost returns. Could an end to destructive inter company rivalry finally be coming?

Glimmers of hope are emerging. Farmers, long champions of having competing meat companies, are now starting to tell the meat companies change has to occur to save the industry. Will they listen and will change come fast enough?

arrow Wool rollercoaster: The strong wool industry is facing similar challenges to the meat industry – unstable prices from year to year and fickle customers who seem to yo-yo from wanting wool to not wanting wool.

Can the industry break this boom and bust cycle and what strategies will they employ? Can the high profile support of fine wool by Prince Charles really help the entire sector?

arrow Global market access: The Government is looking to seal as many free trade agreements as possible with a view to helping exporters especially the farming sector.

Some have already been signed off such as that with China but the actual benefits in terms of boosting farmer profitability are yet to be realised. Will the hype be matched by reality?

arrow Research investment: The Government is pumping more money into agriculture sector science and research in an effort to further boost productivity and returns. What will the payback be and will farmers reap most of the benefits or will the gains primarily accrue to food retailers offshore?

arrow NAIT: The government’s controversial animal traceability scheme is now in place. Will the doomsayers be proved right in terms of extra costs for no gain or will it provide a valuable marketing tool which will pave the way for higher offshore prices for sheep meat and beef?

arrow Regulatory reform: The Government is continuing its programme to change the Resource Management Act in part to help make life easier for farmers. How far will the changes go and will farmers really reap any tangible benefits?

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